Our Programs

Our Curriculum Approach & The Early
Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

The “curriculum” is the term that we use to describe all the experiences and routines that are planned and unplanned during your child’s day e.g. daily routines, the physical environment, learning activities, and interactions. Our curriculum is all encompassing, we use the information we gain from families, our own observations and community links to deliver a program that challenges children’s thinking, understanding and current skills.

East End Early Education and Preschool implements a curriculum supporting the image of the whole child, believing that children play and learn through a flexible child centered program, interactions with others and their environment. Our curriculum is engaging and unique to our service. It incorporates our belief in the value of play, the environment as the 3rd teacher and the National Early Years Learning Framework. Curriculum planning is underpinned by the theoretical approaches identified as informing our educational practices – Reggio Emilia, Vygotsky, Piaget and Bronfenbrenner being our main influencers.

Our curriculum is flexible, designed to meet the individual needs and interests of each child. The national ‘The Early Years Learning Framework, (ELYF) Belonging Being and Becoming’ is the curriculum document that East End Early Education and Preschool is guided by. The EYLF identifies principles, practices and outcomes that shape our curriculum decision making ensuring that quality teaching and learning outcomes for each child are met.

Above all, East End Early Education and Preschool believes in the power of partnerships with families to best meet the needs of children. We encourage connection between families, community and our service to inform our curriculum. We invite families to read the framework available online here.

Information Exchange

East End Early Education and Preschool use a documenting system called Story Park to organize programs, plans and curriculum. This tool allows us to communicate with Families about their child’s learning throughout the day.